21 Days Osho Neo Vipassana

OSHO Neo-Vipassana

10 & 21 days in silence in Himalaya, north India

This is an intense and deep going process.

Dynamic and Kundalini Meditation, and Evening Satsang with Osho video, is part of the structure.

A beautiful technique to grow in awareness, and a simple process of watching our natural breathing coming in and going out.

Watching the breathing allows the watcher to become strong enough to watch everything: the body, thoughts and feelings.

The watcher has nothing to do with the mind. The watcher is something new; the watcher is a new growth in your being. It is not mind forced to be still, it is not mind disciplined to be still. It is something new, an invitation to something new, which is hiding inside you and you have not invited before. Invite the watcher.

Befriend the mind! Watch it with great friendliness. Whenever you are alert about it, the mind stops chattering. The mind is very respectful about awareness. That is the secret.

Previous experience in Osho dynamic meditations and Vipassana is required.

Admission to the retreat: session or interview (can be done over Skype) with Sumito