Visiting Osho’s favorite places in central India

Friends travelling and meditating together 



We will visit Osho’s favorite places in central India

16 - 26 oct, 2019


A relaxed and open tour to:


Agra - Taj Mahal, a poetry in marble

Khajuraho - beautiful Tantric Temples

Amarkantak - source of the holy Narmada river, a beautiful mystical place for meditation

Jabalpur - White marble rocks, Maulishree Tree where Osho became enlightened, an Osho meditation center (Osho Amritdham)

Kuchwara - Osho´s birthplace

Gadarwada - where Osho has done schooling and met spiritual mystic Magga Baba, Pagal Baba and Masto Baba.

He also experienced the predicted death in the old ruined Shiva temple at the age of fourteen.